MORTAL BLITZ For PlaystationVR

The First Console VR game from South Korea!

Mortal Blitz is the first “First-Person Shooter (FPS) action VR” game developed by Skonec Entertainment for Sony Play Station VR.

Stylish Action

Mortal Blitz has good original gun shooter game elements with various options of weapons.With ‘Groggy Finishing’ System, the player can experience a stylish battle by pulling in enemies in groggy state with slow motion and in-air shots.

Realistic battle through using terrain features

Mortal Blitz utilizes Positional Tracking technology to accurately track the players’ head and hand movements and let them use various environmental objects during the battle by actually moving their bodies.

Various Interactive features

For more immersive and interactive experience in VR world, players are able to use “psychokinesis” and capable to move various objects and actions like throwing those objects, grabbing new weapons and opening doors are possible.