• CI

    Symbol Mark Regulations

  • This Graphic Standard Guideline is a graphic design regulation for SKONEC Entertainment Corporate Identity (CI), and when creating all visual representations of SKONEC Entertainment. You must familiarize yourself with the contents of this guideline and comply with each detail. When applying each item, you must strictly follow the detailed regulations for each medium, and you cannot arbitrarily change it. If you have any doubts about the application of the detailed items, you must contact the CI management department for proper application inspection.


    Color Usage Regulations

  • The colors of the Brand Marks and background may use the colors listed in this section in addition to the basic colors. A white background with no background color is preferred for clear visibility, and if a background color is unavoidably used, it must comply with the following rules to preventimage distortion and damage to prevent misuse.

    CI Basic type
    • Basic type (White)
    • Basic type (Red)
    • Basic type (Black)
    • emblem (White)
    • emblem (Red)
    • emblem (Black)
    CI Application type
    • Gray-scale (White)
    • Gray-scale (Black)
    • Color (Red)
    • Gray-scale (Gray)
    • Gray-scale (Black)

    Color system

    1. RED

      PANTONE 2347C
      C11 M95 Y99 K0
      R230 G30 B21

    2. BLACK

      C60 M40 Y40 K100
      R0 G0 B0

    3. WHITE

      C0 M0 Y0 K0
      R255 G255 B255


      PANTONE 427C
      C33 M23 Y21 K0
      R182 G188 B192

    5. GRAY

      PANTONE 423 C
      C51 M39 Y36 K0
      R141 G148 B151