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    1. How do I apply for a job?

      We accept applications through our website, email (recruit1@SKONEC.com), and directly from various job sites.

    2. How does the recruiting process work?

      The general recruitment process is in the following order: Application → Document screening → Interview screening → Hiring confirmation
      - Document screening: Select interviewees by comprehensively judging the applicant's history and job suitability
      - Interview screening: Review whether the interviewee is a suitable candidate for employment by checking his/her practical skills and experience, values, disposition, and potential
      The above is the basic process, and additional procedures may be included or omitted depending on the case.

    3. Is there a timeline for hiring?

      SKONEC is hiring on a rolling basis, and each job field may have different requirements for documents and qualifications, so please check before applying.

    4. How will I be notified of my acceptance?

      Only successful applicants will be notified individually by phone:
      - Document screening: Individual notification for successful applicants only within 2 weeks
      - Interview screening: Individual notification for successful applicants within 1 week
      Notification for each stage is usually within 1-2 weeks after each screening but may vary depending on the case.

    5. Can I apply to multiple jobs at the same time?

      If you are interested in applying for more than one position, please check each job posting as the requirements for each position may differ, but if you are applying for multiple positions at the same time, you must apply to each job posting separately.

    6. Are there any restrictions when applying for a job?

      SKONEC doesn’t place any restrictions on the age/gender/education of applicants when hiring.

    7. Can I apply if I'm about to graduate?

      Prospective graduates can also apply.
      However, the company itself does not have a system or support for those who are studying, so you need to manage your studies in consideration of the timing of joining the company.

    8. Can a junior apply for a senior position?

      The number of years of experience listed in the job posting is a basic guide for your application.
      If you believe that you have the experience and competencies at that level of experience, you are welcome to apply.

    9. I was rejected in the past, can I apply again?

      There is no penalty for previous applications, and you are welcome to apply at any time as long as you meet our hiring criteria

    10. Do I need to have a gaming background to apply?

      You do not need to have worked in the games industry to apply. If your knowledge/experience/work history other than the game field meets the requirements, we encourage you to apply.

    11. Are there any additional points for the disabled and veterans?

      If you are designated as a person with a disability or a war veteran, you will be given preferential treatment in accordance with applicable laws. However, it is not an absolute criterion for hiring decisions. Once hired, you will be treated equally and can apply for all positions on the same terms.

    12. Do I have to submit a portfolio?

      Portfolio submission requirements vary by job title, and you're only required to submit if you're in a job title that requires it. Other job titles are not required, and you're free to choose.

    13. Are there any specific file types I can submit?

      For website applications, please submit your resume as a PDF or WORD file. For other submissions, such as portfolios, please feel free to submit them in any format. If you have multiple files, please compress them. For job site applications, please use the job site's resume form.

    14. Is there anything I need to prepare for the interview, such as attire and supporting documents, etc.?

      There are no restrictions for clothing, so please attend the interview in comfortable clothing. Supporting documents will be requested on an individual basis after finalization of the offer, so you will not need to bring any supporting documents on the day of the interview.

    15. Is parking available when I visit for the interview?

      Parking is not available on the building. We recommend using public transportation as we are located close to a subway exit. If you must use your own car, please use the nearby public parking lot.

    16. Can I get feedback on rejected applications and interviews?

      Due to internal policy, we are unable to provide feedback on individual results.

    17. How does the probationary period work?

      Both new and experienced applicants are subject to a 3-month probationary period, during which they will be paid 100% of their contracted monthly salary, Depending on the results of the trial evaluation after the 3 months, this recruitment may be canceled.

    18. I have other questions.

      For anything else, please contact us by phone (+82-2-458-3742) or email (recruit1@SKONEC.com).We will check your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible.

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