Forward-looking people are creating a new future by XR technologies

We are looking for people who are responsible and professional in their field and can grow together through cooperation and communication.

“ People with passion create new values ”

Our Teams & Jobs

    : Communicate freely, respectfully, and openly for better results.


    All members who explore and solve problems on their own through continuous self-development aim to become experts


    We never stop taking on bold challenges to create future value with passion and commitment.


    The members needed in the organization are people who are considerate of others and act truthfully and righteously.


    We always observe and analyze our users to make sure they are happy and enjoying our content.


Company's best asset is employee,
We Supportfor work-life balance

SKONEC operates a variety of welfare and benefit to ensure that valuable talent can grow and develop in a good working environment.

  • Enable Flexible Work

    Flexible 8-10am start time, 8-hour working day (excluding breaks),
    Support work-life balance

  • 4 Meal Support

    Out-of-office work, holiday work, overtime work
    Support for dinner, holiday works, and out-of-office meal

  • Longevity Rewards

    Rewards for longevity and time off to thank employees for their dedication and hard work.
    3, 5, 10, and 15 years of vacation and incentive pay

  • Freely Available PTO
    *PTO : Paid Time Off

    Employees are provided with the freedom to take time off when needed as long as doing so will not disrupt business

  • Wear Whatever You Want

    No restrictions on what you can wear to work

  • Support for Operating Expenses by department

    Support for team operating expenses to help members feel included and cover operational costs.
    KRW 50,000 per person (monthly)

  • Welcome Gift

    Helping new hires settle into the company
    Basic office supplies + welcome gift home delivery (potted plant or fruit basket)

  • Talent Recommendation Fee

    Recommendation fees will be paid to recommenders to enable them to make verified recommendations and act as voluntary mentors

  • Holiday Gifts

    Give holiday gifts to all employees

  • Support for Education Expenses

    Support on-the-job training to strengthen employees' capabilities and self-development training to cultivate diverse knowledge
    Paid training support / business hours included

  • Reimbursement for Employee Training

    Activate training to improve the knowledge of colleagues who perform related tasks by utilizing their own work knowledge.
    KRW 50,000~100,000 (per hour)

  • Support for Self-Development

    Personal development funds for healthy hobbies and more
    KRW 300,000 (PAYCO point)

  • Financial Aid for Employees

    Provide opportunities for individual employees to improve work efficiency and develop professional skills
    Community Colleges to Graduate Schools Set mandatory work periods based on the length of time you receive aid Up to 50% of tuition (2x tuition assistance for 2 years of work)

  • Job Invention Rewards

    Encourage, protect, and fairly reward employee inventions
    Payment of compensation for invention (recruitment, registration, execution, disposal, pending application): Up to 1 million won for patents

  • Departmental Workshops

    Support workshops to build teamwork and connect with colleagues through offsite activities
    Support forworkshop expenses

  • Birthday Vacation

    Give paid time off for fun and meaningful birthdays
    1 Day PTO (Annual)

  • Congratulations and Condolences

    Create a culture of adding joy and sharing sorrow
    Congratulations and condolences, personal illness and disaster, compensation + time off +wreaths

  • Admission Congratulations

    Supporting funds for their children's education to employees
    Every single admissions KRW 200,000~500,000

  • Transportation Expenses

    Transportation expenses support when public transportation is not available or when working outside
    Out-of-office & night works

  • Support for Clubs

    Supporting healthy activities through employees’ hobbies, culture, sports, and other group activities
    KRW 360,000 (Annual)

  • Support for Employee Loans

    Provide loans to employees to help them build a stable livelihood
    Home purchase and lease, illness, education, personal debt and other living expenses (up to KRW 10,000,000)

  • Support for Fitness Expenses

    Offer a monthly workout stipend to employees to improve their health
    KRW 360,000 (Annual)

  • Support for Medical Expenses

    Paying a small amount of medical expenses each year because we believe employee health is a priority.
    KRW 100,000 (Annual)

We are looking for people
who want to build a newworld together

We wait for bright people who can speak freely and demonstrate their expertise responsibly in their field.