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See what SKONEC’s people say about job experience

  1. Why did you apply for a job at SKONEC?

    At first, I applied because I wanted to gain practical experience through field training during the vacation as an on-job trainee, and I joined the company.
    Before I started working as an on-the-job trainee, I thought that IT companies would be very rigid and heavy on work, but to my surprise, I found a fun atmosphere and a lot of freedom for each individual to focus on their work, have flexible meetings, and take breaks. As an on-site trainee, I participated in various tasks such as planning, QA, and development without being restricted by job classification, which increased my overall understanding of the company's development process and made the job more attractive. Afterwards, as I gradually adapted to working outside the office and business trip, and as I gradually adapted, I decided to join the company because of my affection for the company and my colleagues.

    Dev. Team K.L.PARK

    Unlike other game studios, SKONEC develops a variety of gamified content that impacts people's daily lives, not just games, which is why I wanted to join SKONEC. The ecosystem for XR devices, the next generation of mobile form factors, will require a variety of everyday content with gaming elements, and I thought SKONEC was the most forward-thinking company best suited for this.

    Dev. Team B.J.KIM

    The first episode of Mortal Blitz, which has been in service since 2015. It was a pioneering game in a VR genre that was unfamiliar at the time, and I think we were able to get attention from global gamers because narratives were emphasized in IP.

    Dev. Team H.T.YOO
  2. What is the content strategy or identity that makes SKONEC different from other companies?

    Anyone from the CEO to the intern is always free to propose your own ideas.
    This is the best company for those who dream of turning their original ideas into content.At a time when many game companies are competing fiercely in the saturated mobile and PC gaming field, we quickly focused on developing technology for the Next platform technology and currently possess the world's most advanced XR technology capabilities, securing approximately 150 pieces of content IP.


    I think SKONEC's strategy and advantage is that we have a lot of experience in developing VR content for a long time, so we can pursue a wide variety of projects.

    Dev. Team J.H.JO

    At SKONEC, We believe SKONEC has the same dream as developers in Silicon Valley, USA that it is about facing the future, experiencing it, and growing together ahead of others with new innovative technologies.

    Dev. Team G.H.PARK
  3. What's a good culture or something special about SKONEC?

    We have a culture where employees support each other, work together, and frequently praise each other for doing a good job. So, it is good to be able to work in a good mood without losing self-esteem while working.

    Dev. Team V.R.PARK

    I think it's a horizontal culture and regular scrums, where developers have regular scrums on a project-by-project basis, where they're free to voice their opinions, regardless of their position or role. I think it's also very horizontal in terms of embracing and driving that, and I think that's the beauty of it is that you can actually increase your participation based on your own proactivity.

    Dev. Team K.L.PARK

    Often, companies limit their authority and scope of work to manipulating parts of an organized system. In contrast, we give new employees ample opportunities to manage. It's rewarding to be the manager of your own work and develop it on your own initiative, which leads to increased responsibility and efficiency.

    Dev. Team H.S.HEO
  4. What is your most memorable project and when was your proudest moment?

    I once worked on a project to reconstruct various tombs from Korean history based on historical facts.
    I remember the process of finding materials for historical research and working with my teammates through field research.
    Even though we didn't have enough data and the work was difficult, it was interesting and memorable to work together to create the project.

    Dev. Team S.K.Han

    The most thrilling thing is that the contents of the content I created elicit a definite response from the user.
    In the "Mortal Blitz Walking Attraction," I've seen several instances of users falling over in surprise at sections that incorporated my ideas.It's a very powerful and impactful moment, but I didn't expect it to be that way.

    Dev. Team G.H.PARK

    I feel proud when I solve something I thought was difficult with an easy system. Things like product launches and successes take a long time to feel professionally satisfied. I think it's the smaller things that make me feel satisfied with my work in general. These days, I feel really proud when juniors take my advice and show me good results.

    Dev. Team D.K.KO
  5. What projects would you like to work on in the future?

    Same with my career goals, I would love to work on a new VR game project. In fact, developing education & training content is technically not that different from developing games, so I would love to learn more in my current job, become more proficient, and one day work on developing and launching a VR online game!

    Dev. Team K.L.PARK

    I want to create content based on advanced XR devices that will be released in the future. I would also like to challenge myself with high-quality VR content projects using Unreal Engine or MR content projects that fuse with reality.

    I want to work on a narrative-oriented VR game for PC and consoles that is based on an IP!
    I would like to be part of a developer company that creates games that will attract attention in the market, creates cinematic videos, and creates mega-hit projects with both visuals and gameplay.

    Dev. Team H.T.YOO
  6. What abilities and qualities are required for the job?

    It's about learning and gaining experience to make better choices.As a manager, I think what is most needed is this accumulated "insight".

    Dev. Team G.H.PARK

    You shouldn't be afraid to embrace new ideas.
    Not being afraid to study something you don't understand or to take a different view than your own will give you a lot of advantages as a game planner. In today's world where there is a lot of information, I believe that the 'attitude' to quickly access and become familiar with the knowledge can be a better quality than the 'knowledge' contained in the actual head.

    Dev. Team D.K.KO

    It's important to ask yourself how much passion and interest you have in your work.
    Getting into the habit of thinking about the different situations you encounter on a daily basis and turning them into ideas that you can use in your work will go a long way in improving your performance.

    Dev. Team Y.M.LEE
  7. What kind of colleagues do you like to work with?

    As Skonek is a company that develops services using next-generation technologies such as Metaverse and XR, we consider future-oriented value to be more important than anything else. If you want to be the first to experience new services and create business opportunities that will become part of everyday life for many people in the near future, we would like to invite you to join us.


    Skills may be a little lacking. We can grow together. We want to work with colleagues who are not just thinking about their own work, but also figuring out the role and weight of the work I'm in charge of and thinking about how to go in a better direction.

    Dev. Team S.K.Han

    If I had a new coworker, I would want to work with someone who is proactive and ready to embrace new things! As a developer, it's common to have to throw out the old and learn or create something new. I think being proactive rather than passive and sticking to the old way of doing things will help you solve problems on the job.

    Dev. Team K.L.PARK
  8. What realistic advice do you have for juniors who want to challenge themselves in your role?

    In the field of graphics, Sense is really important. Sense doesn't happen overnight. it's a matter of studying and looking at good work on a daily basis.
    Look, enjoy, and feel a lot. No input, no output.
    There is no perfectly creative work in the world. It's just a combination and variation of something that already existed. It is a great help in graphic work by keeping in mind all the references that exist in the world. See and feel a lot!

    Dev. Team S.K.Han

    Self-improvement books, liberal arts, science books are good.
    Literature books will help develop inspiration.
    Reading books by celebrities will let you know how hard they've struggled and will comfort you when you're struggling.

    Dev. Team G.H.PARK

    I think a lot of new planners focus too much on the details, and while it would be great to be able to create a perfectly detailed proposal, I think it's more important to have a "rough but conceptual" proposal than an overly detailed proposal. Always be clear about how your work fits into the project and what you're trying to accomplish, and don't forget that. Writing a logical, clear proposal is more important than a pretty one.

    Dev. Team D.K.KO
  9. What's your advice for people thinking about applying?

    Are you at an important crossroads in choosing your career path? SKONEC is also at an important crossroads where it can become a leading player in the next-generation content industry. Please don’t hesitate and take on the challenge so that we can create the future we dream of together!

    Financial Div. J.U.PARK

    Rather than just looking for information outside the company and worrying about it like now, I think you will get a much clearer decision if you apply first and talk face to face with the people you will be working with during the job interview. I hope I can meet you as a good colleague. Good luck!

    Dev. Team V.R.PARK

    XR content is already being used in various fields, so it is a promising field that will create more opportunities for applicants to build their careers in the future.
    We hope that you can fully experience the charm of the XR business through our Skonek.

    Dev. Team S.K.KIM
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