Core Competency​

Leading the XR content with technologies amassed
through multi-platform content development.

XR Game

Innovative technology and interaction
experiences bring new levels of immersion to users.

  • Securing advanced technologies through global big tech collaboration, including metaverse platforms and XR chipset design companies

    Advanced technology R&D is in progress to improve game quality and in-game content productivity, such as deep learning-based graphics generation, AI NPC, object recognition, and scene understanding.

  • Sony PlayStation VR, global launch and performance of gun shooting game
    <Mortal Blitz>

    - Sony PSVR Commercial version released in April 2017
    - #1 in PSVR downloads in North America in April 2017​
    - #1 in PSVR downloads in Japan in May 2017​
    - #1 in PSVR downloads in Europe in June 2017​

  • Multiple virtual reality game technologies based on multi-platform content development know-how

    Applications and registrations for a number of related intellectual property rights, including independent development of VR technology that enhances realism and immersion, such as motion sickness reduction technology and sensor-based visual location tracking technology

XR Education & Training

Virtual spatialization technology based on multiple simultaneous connections, We developed a large-space XR walk-through system

XR MOVEMENT SYSTEM Hybrid XR walk-through system with large space movement
  • Movement 1. LARGE SPACE WALK-THROUGH SYSTEM Movement System that allows you to freely walk in virtual space
    1. Pros.

      A UX of movement similar to reality is possible.

    2. Cons.

      A free-moving space must be prepared for reality​

  • Movement 2. LOCOMOTION SYSTEM​ Using a Joystick to Move a Character in Virtual Space
    1. Pros.

      It is possible to move from a small space in reality to an infinite virtual space.​​

    2. Cons.

      Difficulty in providing UX for movement in real-world ​​

Core Technologies
  1. 01Large-Space Based XR Walk-Through Technology
  2. 02Match Real Objects with Virtual Objects
  3. 03Latency Matching Technology
  4. 04Multi-Collaborative Training System (Multiplayer)
  5. 05Precision Motion Recognition Technology
  6. 06Integrated Operation (Admin) / Analysis System

Technical standards are being progressed to ensure the interoperability of virtual environment


Standardization of the core technology for XR Training business, Large Space XR Walk-through, was domestically standardized by TTA in 2020 and plans for international standardization by IEEE in 2024 are currently underway.

  • Defense
  • Chemical Spill
  • Fire Drills
  • Security
  • Medical
  • TBA.

We develop digital spaces where people can
communicate with each other and future
technologies that transcend time and place.

  • 6DOF Virtual Gallery Editing System
    ART METAVERSE Platform​​

    Develop a virtual exhibition editor that allows users to freely utilize space from gallery design and partition composition, uploading and arranging works, and exhibition

    1. - 6DOF editor : 3D space for free configuration of positions and directions on the X, Y and Z axes
    2. - Media editor : Customize the size and placement of uploaded images and videos.​​
    3. - Material editor : Apply various types of materials as textures for spatial surfaces​​
  • Real-time virtual character (Vconec Live™) control system​​​
    1. - Vconec Live is a real-time virtual character broadcasting system that can record virtual characters and transmit them on live broadcasts. It provides various filter functions such as camera, lighting, and shadow control in addition to character control
    2. - SKONEC operates CHOY, the first 3D virtual creator in Korea, based on VConec Live, It is very popular with 880,000 views and 80,000 subscribers during its 2019 activities​​​