Only One Mission, Open the Door and Escape!

  • Genre

    Puzzle, Adventure



  • Player

    Single, Multi (Co-op)

  • MODE


  • Story

    Short Omnibus Mystery Puzzles

    Another Door is a horror-adventure-themed mystery puzzle game presented in a short story omnibus format. It invites players into an immersive virtual world of traps laid by a mad scientist, a doll's room haunted by the spirit of a dead child, and a secret laboratory where you're trapped while hallucinating.


    Hand Tracking, Most Intuitive Controls

    By recognizing the player's hand gestures on behalf of the VR controller, it is possible to perform more sophisticated operations in the escape space, such as moving, grabbing, and pressing, and puzzles using them are presented to create a differentiated VR escape game experience.

    Play Mode

    Play Co-op with a Friends

    The game features CO-OP multiplayer for up to four players to work together to solve puzzles while chatting and exchanging hints. Even the scariest of spaces can be a fun and entertaining party with a group of friends.